When a car breaks down, it can mean cost and stress for the driver, something that should to a signifi cant degree be mitigated by a good warranty. That is precisely what leading warranty provider AutoProtect believes, but rather than simply off ering a ‘good’ warranty, the business has gone several extra steps forward by developing an industry-leading warranty and a new level of control and support to make the claim process remarkably easy and fast.

Today a claims process that historically could take days can now take minutes.

The all-new Customer Protect range was built from the ground up, working from the perspective of a car driver, not an insurer.
Everything is explained in Plain English, verifi ed by the Crystal Mark. The breadth of inclusion and owner responsibilities are clear, explaining the range of protection on off er and, arguably most importantly, so is this simple claim process.

The key test for a warranty is when a claim arises; we have worked to make this easy and fast. At the same time, we have worked to make the extent of the warranty fully transparent. Our aim is simple; we want Customer Protect to become the industry benchmark for trust in extended warranties. To achieve this, the product and experience need to be leading edge; we believe they are,‘ notes Adam Head, Northen Zone Director.

The breadth of our warranties is designed to be industry-leading and includes wear and tear, excluding consumable items. What is just as impressive is iClaim, our new dealer/repairer claims platform. This enables the claims process to be managed online, without the need to call us and status updates provide transparency on the progress of any claim. A unique feature is the ability to submit repair parts and labour costs, which then automatically generates an invoice meaning payments are processed within 24 hours.

In the spirit of transparency, Adam is happy to point out that the customer still has a responsibility to ensure their car is maintained to manufacturer standards, but thereafter they can choose a level of ‘peace of mind’ to suit them and their needs from four levels of warranty, knowing they have the level of protection they want, as he concludes;

What we want to do is ensure every customer can easily see what is included within each of the products on offer and make an informed decision on the one that suits them. With Customer Protect this is all crystal clear, literally, and this clarity is a constant theme. So, if they need to make a claim, every customer knows the process will be just as straightforward. It is a new era for extended warranties and trust us, it is built around the needs of motorists.


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